Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA)



The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), was established by an Act of Parliament (Act 817) which was assented to by the President in 2011. The GTA was formerly known as the Ghana Tourist Board (GTB). The then GTB was established under the Ghana Tourist Control Board Act, 1973 (N.R.C.D. 224) as amended by S.M.C.D. 80 to regulate the tourism industry and implement Government policy. Its functions were backed by law i.e. Legislative Instrument (L.I.) 1205, 1979 for the Registration And Licensing of Hospitality Enterprises; L. I. 1293 for Tour and Travel operations and car rentals. L.I. 2050 regulated the operations of Charter Flights.

The functions of the GTA have been widened to cover new areas in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors. These functions still encompass the previous functions under the GTB. The Authority still remains the main implementing agency responsible for Regulation, Marketing and Promotion, Research and Statistics, Product Development and Investments as well as Human Resource Development.

Under the new Act is established a Tourism Development Fund into which all tourism businesses are expected to contribute one per cent (1%) of their annual business sales.

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We render the following services at the One Stop-Service Center:

  1. Registration forms processing.
  2. Submission of tourism levy returns
  3. Promote tourism retail services.
  4. Processing mandatory documents.
  5. Submission of hotel occupancy returns.
  6. Tourist info dissemination.